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If you know what you are looking for find your way round quickly using the links above. Checkout the Kids section with useful tips for Parents and Teachers for distance learning and using technology. Quick tips for making your digital life just that little bit quicker, tidier and easier to use. You can also search for what you are looking for:

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Mac Shortcut Keys

There are many shortcut key combinations but here are some super useful ones for the Mac that everyone should know about!

Tech for your Home

CHECK OUT my favorite home related tech!

I write a lot about iPhones and Mac, but we also use a lot of tech in our home. Here is some of my favorite home related tech!

“Hidden” options in Messages (Mac)

Do you want to know how to quickly find a photo someone sent in a message? Do you want to turn off noisy notifications for a group message? Or quickly call someone back after they sent you a message? Here are the answers….

Zoom Filters

I’m sure you’ve all seen the lawyer cat circulating on the Internet this week, for those of you who haven’t, there is a link is below. I thought it might be helpful to know how to turn filters on and more importantly OFF in Zoom! Basic (Built in) Filters Once you have opened Zoom click … Continue reading Zoom Filters


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