Book a 1 to 1 session with me to help you get your tech under control.

FREE 15 minute consultation

What do you need? Do you even know? Let me call you for a free 15-30 minute chat about what I can do to help. Let’s discuss your tech struggles and frustrations and see what I can do to help.

Desktop / Laptop Tidyup

A 2 hour tidyup session, we can look at that messy desktop and those unorganized document folders and mailboxes you just never got round to sorting out. Some tips on keeping everything organized and easily accessible. Think of me as the Marie Kondo for your tech (but I won’t make you throw anything out)!

iPhone Sort out

Get your iPhone working for you. Sort out those Apps, setup and install the things that will help you run your life more efficiently. Feel confident using the Calendar and Reminders, plus tips and tricks for some things you never knew you needed.

Beautiful Documents

Do you need help with layout and style? I can take an ordinary document (.doc or .pages) and make it look beautiful and professional. Following your corporate image, color scheme and keep it consistent with your brand (if you have one). Price per page.

“It’s gorgeous!!!  Wow it went from just a normal document to a beautiful presentation!!!  Thank you so much.”

Happy Client

Personalized Sessions

A completely tailored service just for you. Help with all Apple Mac products, iPhone Apps, Document / Spreadsheet / Presentation creation and editing, Google products, Website / Blog creation (WordPress / Wix / Squarespace). You create the list and I will create the content… all your questions answered.

Book your Tidyup today.

Awesome thanks. I loved all of your topics so far. Perfect for everyday users.

Tech Tidyup User