Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Fed up with Face ID not working when wearing a mask? You can now unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch. To turn on UNLOCK WITH APPLE WATCHOn your iPhoneGo to Settings - Face ID & PasscodeScroll down to UNLOCK WITH APPLE WATCHSlide the slider to turn on Click Turn On to Confirm N.B. You … Continue reading Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Linktree – Social Media

Do you get frustrated having to put multiple links in your social media? Linktree is a single link that you can use to connect your audience to all of your online presence. This is especially useful on Instagram where you can post one link in your bio. Not just for business either, create your Linktree URL and connect anything of interest. Recipes, blogs, YouTube videos, Websites... the possibilities are endless and best of all, the basic version is FREE!

How do I get Siri to spell my name correctly?

Do you get frustrated when your iPhone doesn't spell your name or the name of someone else correctly? There is actually a hidden option to get your iPhone to autocorrect the name when typing, using dictation or with Siri. Open ContactsIf you don't already have a contact created for that person, create one, otherwise open … Continue reading How do I get Siri to spell my name correctly?