Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Fed up with Face ID not working when wearing a mask? You can now unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch. To turn on UNLOCK WITH APPLE WATCHOn your iPhoneGo to Settings - Face ID & PasscodeScroll down to UNLOCK WITH APPLE WATCHSlide the slider to turn on Click Turn On to Confirm N.B. You … Continue reading Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch


Saving Passwords

Probably the most frustrating thing when using the Internet is trying to remember hundreds of different passwords (as we all know by now that we shouldn't set them to be the same for everything!) There are many schools of thought on password strategies to help you remember your passwords, however the invention of Keychain on … Continue reading Saving Passwords

iPhone Screen Time

I've had a few questions this week about how to set parental controls on the iPhone. There are a couple of different options, all can be found in Screen Time. We will look at setting Downtime, useful if you want your children to have access to their phones for an emergency or so they can use it as an alarm, but not be able to communicate with friends, access apps, mail and other features of your choosing, during certain times. Setting the amount of time your child is allowed to spend on each app using App Limits. Screen Time also allows you to set Content & Privacy Restrictions.