AirDrop is a really quick way to share photos, documents and even Web Pages between Apple products.

iPhone Double Tap

Did you know you can setup your iPhone so that when you double (or triple) tap on the back of the phone it will run a command of your choice! Setting this up is super easy and you can choose from a whole list of options including mute, lock screen, volume up or down and … Continue reading iPhone Double Tap

Email Etiquette

A handy guide to email etiquette for kids and teens; the best way to write an email, the words to use and what information you should include when emailing someone. You can print or save to use as a helpful reminder.

iPhone Privacy Settings

Do you know which Apps have access to your data?
Privacy settings changed slightly in the the latest iOS update (14.4.2) This is an updated guide.
Take a moment today to check and turn off access to any Apps that you would prefer didn’t have access to your data. Your Location, Contacts List, Calendar and Camera are just a few.

Safari Bookmarks & Favorites

In Safari you can choose between having bookmarks, of your favorite websites, displayed on the left of the screen and/or at the top of the screen (favorites only). Bookmarks Sidebar To turn on the Bookmarks Sidebar Select View – Show Bookmarks Sidebar To turn off the Bookmarks Sidebar Select View – Hide Sidebar Favorites Bar … Continue reading Safari Bookmarks & Favorites

Teaching Siri Correct Pronunciation

Does it make you mad when Siri is unable to pronounce your own or someone else’s name correctly? When Siri pronounces a word or name incorrectly, say immediately after “That’s not how you say X” Say “Hey Siri” Say the name you want it to pronounce Immediately after it says the name incorrectly say “That’s not how you say X” Siri will ask you to … Continue reading Teaching Siri Correct Pronunciation

Limit Headphone Volume

Do your kids have an iPhone or iPad, or do you let them use yours? You might want to consider setting a limit on the volume using the Headphone Safety option.

Browser Shortcut Keys

Did you know you you can search a webpage? See all your downloads on one browser screen? Quickly switch between open Tabs? Here is a list of all the useful shortcut key combinations available when using Chrome and Safari Web Browsers.


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