Do Not Disturb (iPhone)

Are you fed up with getting calls or text notifications when you are asleep? Want to know how to stop them? Here is a quick guide. On your iPhone go to SettingsClick on Do Not DisturbTurn on ScheduledSet the From and To times (when you don’t want to be disturbed)Set Silence setting either Always or…

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Fed up with Face ID not working when wearing a mask? You can now unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch. To turn on UNLOCK WITH APPLE WATCHOn your iPhoneGo to Settings – Face ID & PasscodeScroll down to UNLOCK WITH APPLE WATCHSlide the slider to turn on Click Turn On to Confirm N.B. You…

Amazon Sidewalk

Yesterday Amazon activated a new feature in their Ring Security System and Echo smart speakers. This allows a tiny portion of your internet bandwidth to be shared with your neighbors in order to extend both your own wifi and your neighbors wifi for those devices.

Mail VIP

Did you know you can get notifications for certain contacts when they send you an email? This is a really useful option for anyone you really don’t want to miss any emails. The notifications will also pop up on your iPhone lock screen similar to an iMessage or text message!

Quick Add to Calendar (Mac/iPhone)

When you receive an email containing details of an event or meeting, did you know you can click directly on that and automatically add an event to your calendar? It’s such a great timesaving trick you’ll wonder why you never knew about it before!

Quick Connect Headphones (iPhone)

Do you have AirPods or other bluetooth headphones? Do you use them with more than one device? Do you find that they often disconnect? Here is a really quick way to reconnect them without going into the settings.

Google Chrome Profiles

There is now the option to setup individual profiles in Google Chrome so that each person can save their own bookmarks and personalizations, but still switch easily and quickly between them. It can also be really useful if you use your laptop for work and want to switch off at the weekends.

Linktree – Social Media

Do you get frustrated having to put multiple links in your social media? Linktree is a single link that you can use to connect your audience to all of your online presence. This is especially useful on Instagram where you can post one link in your bio. Not just for business either, create your Linktree…


AirDrop is a really quick way to share photos, documents and even Web Pages between Apple products.

iPhone Double Tap

Did you know you can setup your iPhone so that when you double (or triple) tap on the back of the phone it will run a command of your choice! Setting this up is super easy and you can choose from a whole list of options including mute, lock screen, volume up or down and…

Email Etiquette

A handy guide to email etiquette for kids and teens; the best way to write an email, the words to use and what information you should include when emailing someone. You can print or save to use as a helpful reminder.


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