Are you fed up with getting calls or text notifications when you are asleep? Want to know how to stop them? Here is a quick guide.

  • On your iPhone go to Settings
  • Click on Do Not Disturb
  • Turn on Scheduled
  • Set the From and To times (when you don’t want to be disturbed)
  • Set Silence setting either Always or While iPhone is Locked
  • I would recommend setting Allow Calls From to Favourites
  • I would also turn on Repeated Calls (2 calls within 3 minutes from the same number)

If you haven’t already, you now want to set your kids / family as Favourites so any calls from them are allowed during the scheduled time.

  • In Contacts
  • Find and click on the contact you want to add to Favourites
  • Scroll down and select Add to Favourites

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