When you receive an email containing details of an event or meeting, did you know you can click directly on that and automatically add an event to your calendar?

It’s such a great timesaving trick you’ll wonder why you never knew about it before!


  • Open the Mail application
  • Open an email containing a date or event you want to save, hover over the date and a box will appear around it
  • Click on the arrow on the right of the box that appears around the date and a popup menu will appear
  • The Name of the meeting will automatically populate with the email subject
  • The Date and Time will also self populate (if no end time was available, will be set to 1 hour)
  • Edit / add Notes as required, a good trick here is to copy and paste any important info from the email, links to zoom details etc so you have them easily available at the time of the event
  • Press Add to Calendar when done
Viewing the event in Calendar
  • Another advantage of adding events through email is when you later go into the event, it is automatically linked back to the email for reference


  • Open the Mail app and then the email containing the event
  • Click on the date/time in the body of the email
  • A menu will pop up
  • Select Create Event to add this event to Calendar
  • Add details of the event as you would when in Calendar (date and time are automatically populated)
  • Press Add when done

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