Google Chrome has a feature you may not have noticed and if you share your laptop with someone else, or use it for work, you are going to LOVE it.

There is now the option to setup individual profiles in Google Chrome so that each person can save their own bookmarks and personalizations, but still switch easily and quickly between them. It can also be really useful if you use your laptop for work and want to switch off at the weekends.

To Add a Person

  • Open Google Chrome
  • From the menu click on PeopleAdd Person…
  • Chrome will open a new Window
  • Click Get Started
  • Select which bookmarks to add to your profile
  • Press Next
  • Pick a background
  • Press Next
  • Press Set as Default to select Chrome as your default browser, or select Skip
  • Press Continue to sign in
  • Use your Google account and password details to sign in
  • After entering your email, password and authentication details, select Yes, I’m in to Turn on Sync
  • Now when in Google Chrome, the selected background will be displayed and when you click on People in the menu you will see Person 1 & Person 2

Add a Name and Icon

  • From the menu select People
  • Click on the Person you want to edit then select Edit
  • Enter the name of the person in the box and select an icon from the list
  • Do the same for each person

Switching between People

  • You can switch between the different people (or profiles) using the People menu at the top, or by clicking on the icon button to the right of the search bar

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