Do you get frustrated having to put multiple links in your social media?

Linktree is a single link that you can use to connect your audience to all of your online presence.

This is especially useful on Instagram where you can post one link in your bio.

Not just for business either, create your Linktree URL and connect anything of interest. Recipes, blogs, YouTube videos, Websites… the possibilities are endless and best of all, the basic version is FREE!

Setup is really easy too, just signup for a new account:

  • Add your Email address
  • Enter a Username – This will become your unique URL with Linktree, so choose wisely!
  • Add a Password

Once you have created your Linktree account you can start adding links:

  • Click on Add New Link
  • Enter the Title of the link
  • Add the URL
  • Click on the Picture icon to add a thumbnail

Use the Appearance tab at the top to change the color, add your logo, a heading and bio info:

Go to Settings to add your Social Media links:

Now Copy and Paste your Linktree URL where ever you need it!


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