I’ve heard a few stories recently about strangers using Airdrop to send malicious or pornographic material to kids (and adults) phones.

Airdrop is a really useful and quick way to share photos, documents and even Web Pages between your own Apple products and with friends and family.

However you want to make sure it is set to ONLY accept data from people you know and trust.

iPhone Airdrop Security

  • On your iPhone go to Settings
  • Then General
  • Click on Airdrop
  • Set to Contacts Only

Using Airdrop on MacBook / Apple Mac

To send from your MacBook or Apple Mac:

  • On your MacBook
  • Open Finder
  • Find the item to send
  • Make sure the device you are sending to is unlocked
  • Click and drag the item over the AirDrop icon in the top lefthand corner
  • Continue to hold down the mouse cursor and wait for AirDrop to open
  • Drag the item over the device to send to
  • Release the mouse cursor
  • The item will open on the other device

Using Airdrop on iPhone /iPad

To send from your iPhone or iPad:

  • Find the item you want to send, photos/webpages/etc
  • Click the box/arrow icon
  • Select AirDrop or the specific AirDrop device if it shows
  • Website links will open directly in your preferred web browser
  • Other items will show in the top righthand corner for a few seconds and then be placed in your Downloads Folder

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