Do you know which Apps have access to your data?

Privacy settings changed slightly in the the latest iOS update (14.4.2) This is an updated guide.

Take a moment today to check and turn off access to any Apps that you would prefer didn’t have access to your data. Your Location, Contacts List, Calendar and Camera are just a few.

  • Go into Settings
  • Click on Privacy
  • Location Services, use GPS, Wi-Fi and bluetooth to work out your location, some apps need this turned on in order to work as intended, e.g. Google Maps.
    • You have 4 options when allowing Apps to track your location:
      • Never
      • Ask Next Time
      • While Using the App
      • Always
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list to check System Services for more options, most of these you will want to make sure you leave turned on, especially Emergency Calls & SOS and Find my iPhone
    • For most options, use the slider to turn off (or on) access to each App
  • Tracking – Use the slider to turn on or off Allow Apps to request to Track
  • Select each item in the list below to see what else has access to your data and how
  • For Photos, the options are to allow access to Selected/All/None/Add Photos
  • If you find you are getting a lot of ads, check to see if Apple advertising is turned on. This can be found at the bottom of the Privacy screen.


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