In Safari you can choose between having bookmarks, of your favorite websites, displayed on the left of the screen and/or at the top of the screen (favorites only).

Bookmarks Sidebar

  • To turn on the Bookmarks Sidebar
    • Select ViewShow Bookmarks Sidebar
  • To turn off the Bookmarks Sidebar
    • Select ViewHide Sidebar

Favorites Bar

  • To turn on the Favorites Bar
    • Select ViewShow Favorites Bar
  • To turn off the Favorites Bar
    • Select ViewHide Favorites Bar

Adding Bookmarks

There are a couple of different ways to add bookmarks but the easiest is to use the Bookmarks menu:

  • Go to the webpage you want to bookmark and wait for it to load
  • Click on the Bookmarks menu at the top – Add Bookmark…
  • Choose which Folder to add the bookmark to under Add this page to:
  • Enter a name for your bookmark (i.e. Instant Pot Recipes)
  • Press Add

Creating Bookmark Folders

If you want to better organize your bookmarks then you can group them easily into folders:

  • Before creating a new folder it is helpful to turn on the Bookmarks Sidebar (see above)
  • From the menu at the top select BookmarksAdd Bookmark Folder
  • The new folder will be added to the bottom of the sidebar on the left
  • Enter the name of your new folder and press return

Editing Bookmarks & Folders

Renaming and deleting Bookmarks and folders are quick and easy:

  • Using two fingers click on the Bookmark or Folder you want to edit
  • To Rename – from the popup menu select Rename…
  • Enter the name of your new folder and press return
  • To Delete – select Delete (this cannot be undone)
  • To create another new folder nested within the current folder – select New Folder

Organizing your Bookmarks

Now you can create Bookmarks and Folders to store them in you need to know how to organize them:

  • In the Sidebar, move your mouse cursor over the Bookmark or Folder you want to move
  • Click and drag it to the new location in the list, if you want to move it to within a Folder, drag it over the Folder and release.

Adding to your Favorites Bar

If you want your Bookmarks or Folders to appear in the Favorites Bar along the top of the screen you will need to add them to the Favorites section, found at the top of the Bookmarks list.

A useful tip when adding Bookmarks or Folders to the Favorites Bar is to give them a short easy name as space is limited due to it being horizontal.


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