Did you know you can search a webpage? See all your downloads on one browser screen? Quickly switch between open Tabs? Here is a list of all the useful shortcut key combinations available when using Chrome and Safari Web Browsers.

Tabs / Windows
New Tabcommand + T
New Windowcommand + N
New Incognito Windowshift + command + N
Highlight address bar URLcommand+ L
Close Tabcommand + W
Reopen last closed Tabshift + command ⌘ + T
Switch between open tabscontrol ⌃ + tab
Printcommand ⌘ + P
Select All (in active window)command + A
Backcommand+ [
Forwardcommand+ ]
Reload Pagecommand + R
Find (search on page)command + F
Zoom incommand + +
Zoom outcommand +
Enter / Exit full screencommand + control ⌃ + F
Open Downloadscommand + option ⌥ + L

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