If setup correctly SOS will send your approximate location to the mobile phone of a chosen contact. The SOS can also automatically send a photo taken at that time, a 5-second audio recording and make a call automatically.

Make sure you have this setting turned on on your own and your kids iPhones and know how to use it.

How to turn on SOS Messages on your Galaxy Note

  • From the Home screen, swipe up to open the Apps screen. (only in Standard mode and Home screen layout)
  • Click on Settings Settings icon – Advanced features – Send SOS messages
  • Press the OFF switch Switch off icon (top right) to turn on Switch on icon
  • Press OK
  • Review the T&Cs, select the agreement option then press Agree
  • Press Add to Create emergency contact (An emergency contact must be created for SOS messages to turn on. Up to 4 emergency contacts can be added)
  • To Add recipients:
    • To create a New emergency contact:
      • Press Create contact
      • Enter a name and phone number
      • Press Save
    • To use an Existing contact for the emergency contact:
      • Press Select from contacts
      • Select the desired contact (up to 4)
      • Press Done
  • Press the Back icon Back icon (top left) to return to the Send SOS messages screen
  • Press the Auto Call Someone to automatically call your chosen contact after the SOS Message is sent
  • Press the Attach pictures button to turn this option on or off (Message includes a snapshot taken by the front and rear camera)
  • Press Attach audio recording button to turn on or off (Message will include a 5-second audio recording)

How to use SOS Messages

  • Press the Power Button THREE TIMES quickly

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