I write a lot about iPhones and Mac, but we also use a lot of tech in our home. Here is some of my favorite home related tech!

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Home Security


Ring offer, doorbells, security cameras and smart lighting.


Wyze offer small affordable security cameras and smart plugs, which connect to an app on your phone, Google and Alexa. They have also started making Robot Vacuums, thermostats doorbells and smart locks!



Sonos offer a whole home music experience. Control multiple speakers in many rooms from one app on your phone. Sonos also offer a seriously cool looking and great sounding Sound Bar for your TV.


Philips Hue

This whole home lighting system is again controlled by an app on your phone. Programmable and color changing bulbs mean you can have your home light setup just how you like it.


Nest Thermostat

The Nest is a smart thermostat which learns your heating preferences and tries to keep your home at just the right temperature. Plus the control dial looks really smart.They also make Alarm Systems, locks and doorbells.


Fi Collar

This Dog collar has a built in GPS, step counter and really helps get you and your pet moving!

Fi are offering $50 off this weekend with code: SPOIL50

Home Maintenance

Bubble Level

Can’t find your spirit level, no problem! Download the Bubble Level for iPhone.

Tape Measure

Same goes with this cool app, use your iPhone to measure anything you would with a tape measure.


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