It is possible to save pretty much anything as a pdf using the Print menu. Documents in Pages, Spreadsheets in Numbers and even photographs from Photos.

If you don’t already know PDF’s are really useful. They are a type of electronic document which can be opened and read on any device. PDF documents, act similar to a photo, will look the same no matter how they are viewed and they can be made secure so they are often used when sending documentation via email.

  • Open the document/spreadsheet/photo/whatever you want to turn into a pdf.
  • Make sure the document is complete and a final version has been saved (saving as a pdf is like photographing or printing the final product, if you make any changes in the document after creating the pdf you will have to create a new pdf).
  • Select FilePrint.
  • From the bottom lefthand corner select PDFSave as PDF.
  • From the Save menu, enter a name for your pdf in Save As:
  • Select a location to save your pdf.

Adding a Password

  • If you want (or need) to add a password to secure the pdf select Security Options…
  • Tick the security options that you need:
    • Require password to open document
    • Require password to copy text, images and other content
    • Require password to print document
  • Enter and Verify your password .
  • Press OK to confirm.
  • Press Save.
  • The document will be saved in the location you selected and can be opened from the Finder menu or by selecting Attach a document in an email.

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