I know not many of us are traveling right now but did you know your iPhone has a built in translator? No need to go to Google Translate anymore. You can use voice dictation too and change the display so that you can easily show others when having a conversation. Useful for school work, living abroad, discussions with colleagues over zoom…

  • Open the Translate App

Select Language

  • Click on the Language at the top to change
  • It will translate FROM the language on the left, TO the language on the right


  • To type – Click where it says Enter text
    • Press GO when you have typed
    • The translation will be displayed
  • To dictate – Press the Microphone
    • Speak into the phone
    • The translation will appear automatically
  • Press Play to listen to the translation spoken
  • Press the Star to save as a Favorite


  • To change the display of your translation so that it is large enough to show someone from a distance (especially useful if you live abroad during this time)
  • Swipe down from the top right hand corner to find the Rotate Screen button (Portrait Orientation Lock)
  • Make sure it is turned OFF
  • Swipe up to go back to the Translate App
  • Rotate your screen sideways (horizontal)
  • The display will change and a Maximize Screen button will appear

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