Now many of us have our kids at home, learning remotely or home schooling, it is even harder to keep track of their daily schedules.

I have an easy way to keep track of each of my three Children’s schedules, by creating an individual Calendar for each of them.

We all have iPhones and use iCloud, so I can also share these Calendars with them so they can add and edit too, oh and they also get the reminders! (less Mum nagging!)

Creating a NEW Calendar:

  • Open the Calendar Application
  • FileNew Calendar
  • The new calendar will appear in the list on the left of the screen – Enter the Name for the calendar (i.e. Joe School)
  • Using TWO fingers click on the new calendar to bring up a menu
  • Select the Color for the calendar ( this will make it easier to find when you have multiple calendars in use)
  • Repeat and select Share Calendar…
  • Enter your Child’s email address (they will receive a calendar notification asking them to accept your invite)
  • Press Done

Now you can create a new calendar for each child, work, home… the possibilities are endless!

We even have a FAMILY calendar setup that everyone has access to, so we can all see what is going on.


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