Ever wondered how to use AirDrop or would like to learn more about it. Here is my quick guide.

AirDrop is a really quick way to share photos, documents and even Web Pages between Apple products.

MacBook / Apple Mac

To send from your MacBook or Apple Mac:

  • On your MacBook
  • Open Finder
  • Find the item to send
  • Make sure the device you are sending to is unlocked
  • Click and drag the item over the AirDrop icon in the top lefthand corner
  • Continue to hold down the mouse cursor and wait for AirDrop to open
  • Drag the item over the device to send to
  • Release the mouse cursor
  • The item will open on the other device

iPhone /iPad

To send from your iPhone or iPad:

  • Find the item you want to send, photos/webpages/etc
  • Click the box/arrow icon
  • Select AirDrop or the specific AirDrop device if it shows
  • Website links will open directly in your preferred web browser
  • Other items will show in the top righthand corner for a few seconds and then be placed in your Downloads Folder

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