TOP 5 TECH ITEMS to make life a little easier when teaching online

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Document Scanning Camera

Missing your whiteboard or projector in the classroom? Invest in a document scanning camera, this will make your online sessions so much easier.

Apple Pencil or Stylus

If you teach Art or need to be more precise a pencil can work really well.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Super affordable and with great reviews, these noise cancelling headphones will drown out the noise of those around you whilst teaching at home.

Good Lighting

If you don’t have access to a large window and good lighting in the room where you teach, a good clip on light can help light up your face and make you feel good while you teach.

Coffee warmer

Keep your coffee or tea warm while you teach.


There are also plenty of useful Apps for teaching online, here a few of my Kids favorite interactive Apps their teachers use in class:

New Years Clean Up!

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