I love my AirPods, so easy to use and they work so much better than any other bluetooth headphones I’ve owned.

I’ve recently started using the Double Tap option with them too and now I love them even more, well that and the new case my sister bought me for Christmas!

How to Answer / End Calls

  • When your phone rings double tap the top near the ear twice quickly to answer
  • To hang up double tap the top again

How to ask Siri using AirPods

  • With your AirPods in double tap the top near the ear twice quickly
  • Wait for Siri to start listening (beep beep sound)
  • Ask Siri anything you would usually

Some things you can ask Siri

  • “Call *Name from contacts*
  • “Call *Phone Number*
  • “Resume” – resumes music/audiobook/podcast
  • “Play Podcast”
  • “Play Music”
  • “Volume Up” / “Volume Down”
  • “Pause” – pauses music/audiobook/podcast
  • “Go back” / “Next Song”
  • “What’s the time?”
  • “Read Last Text”
  • “Check email”
  • “Set a * minute Timer”
  • “what’s the weather today?”

Super Cute Cases!

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Check out these adorable AirPod Cases on Amazon:

If you want to pickup some new AirPods for yourself, Amazon currently have them on special offer:

Or the AirPod Pro with noise cancelling:

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