Making YouTube Safer

Teachers, Parents and Schools – There is a way to encourage your kids to watch just the YouTube videos that you want them to.

By only sending links to ‘no ads’ youtube videos you can stop the temptation of clicking on all the the other alluring videos which usually appear at the sides. It also stops other videos automatically playing after that video ends.

How to send a YouTube video without ads

Block Ads YouTube

Go to a YouTube video > Enter a after the T in the Address Bar***name of video here***

Use the Copy Link button (top right) to share the No Ad video

  • Open a web browser (Chrome)
  • Go to
  • Find the video you want to watch
  • Wait for the page to load
  • Enter a after the T in the Address Bar
  • Press Return
  • The page will reload with the video filling the page and NO Ads visible
  • Use the Copy Link button in the top right hand corner to create a copy of the No Ad video link

N.B. This doesn’t completely stop the recipient from being able to navigate to other videos if they wanted to, so you can go one step further if you want and Block youtube altogether and only allow ‘no ads’ videos:

  1. Block
  2. Whitelist

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