Parents – Don’t have a scanner at home? Kids need to send scanned copies of their work to the teacher?

No problem! The Notes App which comes with your iPhone or iPad as standard has the option to Scan Documents straight into your Files or an email.

Use the Notes App as a Scanner

(New Note) > (Camera) >

  • Open the Notes App
  • Create a New Note
  • Click on the Camera icon at the bottom
  • Select Scan Documents
  • Position the document in view
  • Press the circle button to take a photo of the document
  • Drag the circles to the corners of the document so no surroundings are visible
  • Press Keep Scan (or retake if you want to try again)
  • The scan will move to the bottom left hand corner so you can make another scan if you want, they will all save together at the end
  • Click on Save in the bottom right hand corner
  • Press Done to save to notes or press the arrow button
  • Select where to save the scan
    • Send directly to someone using Messages, Mail, AirDrop etc
    • Or Save to Files found at the bottom
      • Select where to save the scan, press Save when done

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