I was hoping that by starting Tech Tidyup it would in fact encourage me to be more tidy! I love tech and enjoy helping others make their lives easier with neat shortcuts and understanding how it works. I have to admit however to not being the tidiest when it comes to sorting out my own… perhaps like a builder who never finds the time to finish all those jobs in their own home!

Anyway, I thought a lot about sharing this with you but here you go….

54,154 unread emails!

126 Apps to update

27 missed calls

So I decided to do a cleanup on my own Tech for January and share it with you all, step by step.

If one of your New Years Resolutions is to get your life more tidy and organized, let’s to it together!

Signup below for email reminders and How To Guides to get your tech life in order during January. I will send out weekly suggestions and helpful guides so you too can get your tech life sorted. Guides will include, how to update Apps, sort emails, unsubscribe from companies you no longer want to receive emails from, organize Apps and many more…

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5 thoughts on “New Years Clean Up!

  1. Thank you Emma … and I have a question …I used to be able to see when an email I had sent had been read … either I have forgotten how to do this or it is no longer available on gmail . I used it mostly at work when I was using a windows based laptop and a government email address …. Hope you don’t mind silly questions !! X Sue

    Envoyé de mon iPad


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    1. Hi Sue,
      Not a silly question at all, I used to like the read receipt option too.

      This option is not available on the free version of gmail unfortunately. However you can get a third party piece of software to do this, they start at around $2 per month or you can get them for free if you don’t mind using their branded signature on all your emails. The other downside of these are that they are ‘Chrome Plugins’, which means you have to open and send all your email in a web browser, specifically Google Chrome, so you could no longer use the Mail application on your Mac or PC.

      I hope this helps
      Emma 🙂


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