Do you know how to see how much charge your AiPods have left?

Here are a few easy ways you can check.

Using the Case and your iPhone

  • With both your AirPods in their case
  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Open the AirPod case, the battery life will appear on the iPhone screen

Using just your iPhone – Widgets

  • On the Home Screen swipe from LEFT to RIGHT to display the Widgets Dashboard
  • Scroll down until you see the Battery Widget
  • This will show you the remaining battery life of your devices and a little lightening bolt if they are currently charging.
  • If you don’t see this Widget you just need to add it
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the Widget screen until you see Edit
    • Click on the + which will appear in the top lefthand corner of the screen
    • Scroll down the list until you find Batteries and click on it
    • Select your preferred display from the options available
  • Press + Add Widget
  • Drag the Widget to the location of your choice on the Widget Screen
  • Press Done

Using just your iPhone – Control Center

You can also check by swiping down in the top righthand corner (to open the Control Center) of your iPhone screen and using the Airplay icon.

Check out my How to Quick Connect your Headphones for this guide.

Ask Siri

  • Whilst wearing your AirPods and with them connected
  • Ask “Hey Siri, how is the battery life of my AirPods?”

Check the Light on your AirPod Case

  • Open your AirPod Case
  • With the Airpods in the case the light shows the status of the AirPods and with the case empty the light shows the status of the case – a green light means fully charged, and an amber light means less than one full charge remains

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