Probably the most frustrating thing when using the Internet is trying to remember hundreds of different passwords (as we all know by now that we shouldn’t set them to be the same for everything!)

There are many schools of thought on password strategies to help you remember your passwords, however the invention of Keychain on Apple and in Chrome using Google, means we don’t really need to remember our passwords anymore as our devices can do this for us… YEY!

This is especially useful now our kids are working online more with multiple websites they have to access, they can’t be expected to remember all these usernames and passwords.

Using Google to save passwords

  • Open Google Chrome browser
  • Click on the three dots in the top righthand corner

  • Select Settings from the popup menu
  • This will open the Settings page in the Browser
  • Select Autofill from the menu on the left
  • Then Passwords from the Autofill option

  • In the Passwords menu turn on
    • Offer to save passwords
    • Auto Sign-in
  • Now give it a try… go to the site you want to save, log in and select save password when prompted… no more passwords to remember!

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