Every time I take a screen shot on my Mac it puts it on my desktop, making it cluttered and hard to find anything. You may also like to store important documents on your desktop or shortcuts to applications.

There is a super simple tool that not many people use or know about called Stacks. This neat feature will keep your desktop tidy and organized, literally at the touch of a button!

  • Make your desktop visible – If it isn’t already, using your keyboard, hold down command and press F3
  • Using two fingers click in a blank space on the desktop
  • From the popup menu, select Use Stacks, this will automatically group all items on the desktop by kind (photos together, screenshots together, etc)
  • To sort the items on the desktop by date, use the Group Stacks By option
    • I personally use Date Modified to sort my desktop, it sorts everything month by month, previous 7 days and today
  • It is also possible to sort items by Tags, (imagine color coded post it notes!) We will look at using Tags at a later date
  • To exit from the desktop press F3

If you don’t yet know how to take a screenshot on your Mac here are some simple instructions:


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