“How do I update credit cards on my web browser? It is full of old, expired ones that I no longer have.”

– Anonymous

If you have many old and expired credit cards saved in your web browser, getting rid of them is pretty straightforward. Instructions for both Safari and Chrome web browsers are included below.

Safari Browser

  • Open Safari
  • Click on SafariPreferences… (in the top lefthand corner)
  • Select Autofill from the buttons along the top
  • Select Edit… next to Credit Cards
  • The next menu is protected by your login password, enter the password in the box
  • Press Unlock to continue
  • Select the credit card to remove (the expiry date will be shown next to each card)
  • Press Remove
  • Continue until all cards you no longer want are removed
  • Press Done
  • Close the Autofill window using the small red circle in the top lefthand corner

Chrome Browser

  • Open Chrome
  • Click on ChromePreferences… (in the top lefthand corner)
  • Select Autofill from the menu on the left
  • Click on Payment Methods from the Autofill menu
  • To delete a previously saved credit card, click on the (3 dots button to the right)
  • Select Remove from the popup menu (no prompt to confirm)
  • Close the Browser tab

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