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  1. Alexa, Announce dinner is ready! Tired of shouting for your kids to come for dinner? Get Alexa to do it for you
  2. Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes
  3. Alexa, how many oz in a lb? Or other useful conversions when cooking or doing math!
  4. Alexa, why did you do that? Find out why she responded when you weren’t expecting it
  5. Alexa, start my car! If you drive a Ford, Hyundai or Tesla with remote start, chances are you can setup Alexa so she can start it for you on those cold winter mornings
  6. Alexa, ask my Buddy This option needs setup but could be really helpful in an emergency, great to setup for an elderly relative who has an Alexa device, or a reason to buy them one for Christmas!
  7. Alexa, what are your deals? She can tell you all about things she thinks you might be interested that are currently on sale (sorry!)
  8. Alexa, Send a hug Pick a friend from your contacts list and Alexa will send them a virtual hug
  9. Alexa, what are my notifications? Ordered something from Amazon? Alexa will let you know when it has been delivered
  10. Alexa, play music by…

There are so many other things you can ask Alexa here…

We just updated the Echo in our kitchen to an Echo Show too so now we have the ability to chat and use a device with a screen. We can make shopping lists, look at recipes and video calls too. Think I might be pre-ordering our new Dot Smart Speaker soon too!

Get your Echo Show here

Don’t fancy an Echo Show then Pickup an Echo Dot

Echo Dot

Or PRE_ORDER the Brand New Echo Dot smart Speaker with Clock for your Nightstand.


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