The question from TECH TUESDAY this week –

“When I fill in a form online it’s still using my old address etc as a predictor. How do I update this?”

– Rebecca Brady

If you have just moved home, have an old address, or the wrong address setup in the autofill option for your web browsers it can be very frustrating. Setting this up correctly can save you a lot of time if you have to complete forms online. Instructions for both Safari and Chrome web browsers are included below.

Safari Browser

Your Safari web browser uses your contact information when filling in forms online.

Update your My Card Contact

  • Open Contacts
  • Scroll up to the very TOP of the contacts list (it automatically hides this entry)
  • Click on the name under My Card
  • Enter or update ALL your details, anything entered in here will be used to auto-populate fields in your web browser; Home Address, Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

Check Autofill preferences

  • To make sure autofill is turned on, open Safari
  • Click on SafariPreferences… (in the top lefthand corner)
  • Select Autofill from the buttons along the top
  • Ensure that Using information from my contacts is ticked
  • NB. Selecting Edit… will also open the My Card in Contacts
  • Close the Preferences window using the small red circle in the top lefthand corner

Chrome Browser

Chrome works slightly differently in that you save your autofill information directly in the browser itself:

  • Open Chrome
  • Click on ChromePreferences… (in the top lefthand corner)
  • Select Autofill from the menu on the left
  • Click on Addresses and more from the Autofill menu
  • Turn on Save and fill addresses using the slider
  • To edit a previously saved address click on the (3 dots button to the right)
  • Select Edit from the popup menu
  • Update the address and telephone number
  • Press Save when done
  • Close the Browser tab

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