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When your Child turns 13 you can set them up with their own Amazon Teen account. Not as crazy as you might think though, it gives them a little independence and you can set it so that everything they buy comes to you for approval first!

Amazon also offer Amazon Household, which allows you to connect your account (including Prime) with other members of your house. And for younger children, Amazon Child and Kids+ subscription service, with books, games and educational apps.

Amazon Household

“A Household allows you to connect and share Amazon benefits with the whole family. Two adults and up to four teens and four child profiles may link in a Household.”

  • Go to the Amazon Household page
  • Setup your Amazon Household
    • To add an adult, select Add Adult (This will send an email invitation, or you can sign up together to verify your accounts)
    • To add a teen, select Add a Teen 
    • To add a child, select Add a Child

Setup an Amazon Teen Account

Teens can shop from their own login and parents approve purchases

Parents with Prime share select Prime benefits with their teen at no additional cost

Don’t want to approve every order? Skip the approval with teen spending limits


If you already have Amazon Household setup and want to add your teen, go to the Amazon Teen page or follow instructions below:

(Teen account not yet available on Amazon.co.uk)

  • Log into Amazon as you would normally
  • Click on Accounts & Lists under your name along the top of the window
  • Select Your Account from the list
  • Scroll down the page a little to the Shopping programs and rentals list (center)
  • Select Teens Program
  • In the Manage Your Household screen under Teens select Add a Teen

Adding a Teen

  • After reading all the details and confirming this is right for your family
    • For more info and another Mom’s view to help decide if the Amazon Teen shopping program is right for your family, checkout Kate’s post on the Cool Mom Tech blog.
  • Select Get Started
  • Enter your Child’s Name and birth month and year
  • Select how you want to Approve the orders:
    • Review and approve all orders
    • Automatically approve orders up to a certain amount
    • Automatically approve all orders
  • Select Continue
  • Enter the Teen’s email or phone number
  • Select Continue
  • This will send an invitation to your Teen (they must accept your invite to set up their teen login)
  • If you selected Review and approve all orders, when your teen places an order you will receive a Text message asking to reply to confirm Y on N.

P.S. She loves the charging station she ordered! If you need to organize your charging, iPhone, watch and AirPods all in one place, you can get it here (elago 3 in 1 charging station) 🙂

Edit a Teen Account

Once setup you can always go back and edit your Teen’s Account:

  • Follow the instructions above for Setting up a Teen Account
  • Select Edit Profile under the name of your teen in the Manage Your Household screen under Teens
  • In this menu can edit:
    • Teen’s Profile Picture
    • Order Approvals
    • Video Streaming Settings – set purchase restrictions for TV & movie streaming
    • Recent Orders – view recent orders
    • Gift Cards – purchase gift cards for your teen
    • Payments and addresses – add or edit payment cards and addresses your teen can select for shipping (useful if the teen lives in more than one home)
    • Remove Teen from Household
    • Learn more – edit Prime Parental controls

Adding a Child Account

Set up a child account if you want to get access to Kids+, and until October 12, 2020, they are offering a 3-month Family Plan for Just $0.99.

“Amazon Kids+ is an all-in-one subscription that gives kids access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, Audible books, and games on compatible Fire, Fire TV, Android, iOS and Kindle devices. Plus, kids can enjoy hundreds of hours of fun with ad-free radio stations and playlists, Audible books, and a growing list of premium kid’s skills available on compatible Echo devices.” – Amazon.com

  • Once you have your Amazon Household setup, go to the Amazon Household page to add a child
  • Select Add a Child
  • Enter your Child’s first name, Gender, Birthdate and choose an Icon
  • Press Save

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