Getting your Child’s physical workspace setup is what we’ve seen and heard a lot about this week as many start back at school online. One thing I haven’t seen much about is setting up our children’s Internet or online workspace. Getting this right early on can really set our children up for success.

In this post we are looking at how to setup bookmarks to give your child easy access to all the websites they need to access for Virtual Learning. Putting them all in one place so they are easy to find.

(Our school has recommended the use of the Google Chrome browser so tips here are for this)

  • Open the Google Chrome Browser
  • On a PC/laptop click on the three dots under the X in the top right hand corner
    • Select BookmarksShow bookmarks bar (ticked when active)
  • Or on a Mac under the View menu select the option to Always show Bookmarks Bar
  • Then enter one of the websites to bookmark, these websites will include:
    • The link to your Child’s live online classroom (BBCU, GoogleMeet, Zoom, etc)
    • Your Child’s Google Classroom link (or other, some schools are using Schoology or Blackboard)
    • Links to online activities for class (i.e. Kahoot!, MyOn, etc)
    • A link to your Child’s school email account
  • Once the webpage has loaded (and you have logged in) click on the star at the end of the address bar
  • Name the Bookmark something short and easy for your Child to read (i.e. Email)
  • Press Done
  • Under the address bar you will now see your Child’s link so they can access that page at the click of a button
  • Repeat the above for each site they need to access

If you have older children with multiple lessons, with multiple links to find during the day it can be hard to keep track of the individual logins for each one. It’s easy to setup a Folder to organize these.

  • Enter the link for your Child’s class
  • When the link has loaded click on the star at the end of the address bar
  • Name the Bookmark something short and easy for your Child to read (i.e Math 9am)
  • Select More
  • New Folder
  • Name the folder (i.e. Live Lessons)
  • Press Save
  • Add more links as necessary, they will automatically be added to the new folder.

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